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Why Contact Lens Health Is So Important

Why Contact Lens Health Is So Important

It should go without saying that your hands should be as well washed and dried as possible before handling something as delicate and sensitive as cheap contact lenses. But what about the lenses per se? Well, here are some useful tips to help you keep them in good health.

  1. According to schedule

Contact lenses, unlike glasses, are not things which will last for many years. They will tend to have very specific durations of wear which should be stuck to. Daily contacts, on the whole, will be good for between ten and twelve hours. Weekly or monthly contacts will last for a ‘wearing cycle’ (see the box), being cleansed with a professional cleansing solution each evening, taken off and not worn while asleep. Extended lenses can be worn while asleep and vary in duration from seven to thirty days. However, it is good practice for you to take them off and cleanse them daily, giving your eyes and contacts a rest from each other.

  1. The correct solution

The most versatile and useful solution would be a multi-purpose solution; it will help with the cleansing, rinsing, disinfecting, storing process, meaning you only need one rather than multiple products to achieve that. Alternatively, disinfecting and storing can be achieved via a peroxide solution; a saline solution can be used for rinsing. The peroxide solution should be thoroughly rinsed off before you put the contacts back onto your eyes. Rigid gas permeable lenses will need a specifically designed solution because the majority of such solutions are designed for soft hydrogel lenses.

  1. The replaced case

You can have the best contacts (dailies total 1 multifocal) and solutions on the market, but if you don’t replace your contact lens case each quarter then it’s all to no avail. You must avoid eye infections at all costs – they can lead to permanent eye damage if not properly treated. Replaced your case quarterly can help maintain good eye health, so that you don’t end up with something like Acanthamoeba Keratitis. The old adage holds true; prevention is better than cure, so investing in a case seems a small price to pay for clean and trouble-free peepers.

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