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Bitcoin is Looking Good Again…Should I Buy One?

In 2017, cryptocurrencies made headlines for the reason that Bitcoin had a meteoric rise along with the other altcoins. Bitcoin was able to go from $1,000 during the start of that year to go all the way to almost $20K. Now, Bitcoin is looking healthy once again. Bitcoin this week was able to move by $1,000 above hitting more than $5,000. There are experts like Brian Kelly who thinks that the next target is actually $6,000.

Now, the biggest question that everyone has in mind is if this is going to be a bull run? Could it be possible that Bitcoin is on its winning ways again? Could it be possible that it can surpass the previous all-time high? The reality is that no one exactly knows if this is the case. There are a number of things that should be considered before you can say that there really is another bull run. One, is there an improvement when it comes to the adoption of cryptocurrencies? Next, was there any type of regulatory clarity? Unfortunately, both are not yet fully accomplished by the industry. However, it could mean a short term spike and it can even go higher. You can even use it to buy cipher cables online.

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